The Mitchells in America - Andrew and Margaret

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Margaret graduated

Margaret is now officially another Dr. Mitchell after graduating with her Ph.D. in Computer Science. Photos: here.

She really liked the colour of the gown - her favourite colour.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

light fittings

We finally got our light fittings installed! After how many years? We are very pleased with the results, particularly the outdoor lighting. For most of our lights we went for the ikea Leding tracklight with 3 spots... very good value at under $20. From what I can tell it is about the one item in Ikea that is actually more expensive in the U.S.

The chandelier (see photo) was a bit of an effort to install, as I'm sure you can imagine if you have been to our place! It is positioned directly above the stairs in an area that is open to the lower level of our house... you simply can't get a ladder near the ceiling at that place. From above you can't get within a metre of that point as the main airconditioning box for the ducted a/c is sitting on top of it! In the end a hand drill, a long handled pruner and some duct tape did the trick... and the chandelier looks good.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Renting out our house

We have finally made our final final decision to rent out our house in Voyager Point. While I'm finalizing an agent, I've put up a page on the web to describe it in case anyone out there is interested. See our home in Voyager Point for rent. In general we are aiming for the relocation market for this home as people living in Sydney don't know of the existence of this nice suburb in the South West... and wouldn't look here for a place to live.

This means a lot of work needs to be done on our house... the garden needs to be finished so that everything looks nice when we return, we need light fittings etcetera. We've got a busy few weeks ahead of us.